The road to landing a literary agent is not an easy one. I soon discovered this after beginning my search.

I remember being bitterly disappointed the first few rejections I received. I honestly thought I was doing something wrong and couldn’t understand why no one wanted me.

The pain of rejection has since numbed. When I send a query now, I don’t invest in it. I’m hopeful, but ultimately realistic about the outcome.

I queried this particular agent only a few days ago, and she replied this morning. I must say is one of the most personalised rejections I’ve received, and her comments about my query being eyecatching have given me a huge confidence boost. It means I’m on the right track.

Rejection, in whatever context, makes you question your own ability. It’s disheartening, and upsetting, but will ultimately lead you to the path you’re supposed to be on.

Out of the thousands of literary agents out there, only one will love my work enough to take it on. I must remember this as I continue searching for the perfect fit.

Have a fabulous weekend. Keep going on whatever you think is impossible.

—B x

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